President Master Card Game

President Master

Learn key facts about the presidents of the United States of America playing this fun, easy-to-learn card game!

How to Play


2 to 6


Finish the game with the most cards.

  1. Shuffle President Cards.
  2. Place 5 President Cards on the table with the flag side up for each player in the game: 10 cards if there are 2 players, 15 cards if there are 3 players, etc.
  3. Each player chooses a colored die.
  4. Each player gets one Assassin Card.
  1. Each player rolls his/her die to decide who will be Player 1 for Round 1.
  2. Player 1 puts his/her die on top of one of the President Cards.
  3. Moving clockwise, each player puts his/her die on a different President Card. If a player wants a card that has been claimed, he/she may use the Assassin Card to remove the die on that card. The owner of the removed die must select a new card (or use his/her own Assassin Card) after all other players have gone.
  4. Each player, starting with Player 1 and moving clockwise, must then say the correct answer for his/her chosen president for the category shown. For example, if the die says "party," a player with his/her die on Barack Obama would say "Democratic." Players who answer incorrectly may (but don’t have to) share the correct answer with others.

Players who answer correctly win their cards. All others replace them face down on the table (but not before studying the card a little so they can get the right answer the next round). The next round begins with players once again rolling to determine who will be Player 1 for the round.


Rounds continue until fewer President Cards remain face down than there are players in the game. The player with the most President Cards at end of the game is the winner.