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State Master

Learn key facts about the 50 states in the United States of America playing this fun, easy-to-learn card game!

State Master is simple to learn, easy to set up, requires little space, can be played in as little as 10 minutes, and keeps all players engaged throughout as everyone plays in every round (i.e., no waiting your turn!). 

You and your kids will learn each state's:


Dad's Gaming Addiction wrote: "Fun, easy to play, and educational, State Master is the epitome of what types of tools teachers should have in their classroom. I never thought I’d have fun learning about geography, but this game manages to pull it off. Well played, State Master, well played." Read the full review here.
Simply Homeschool Living wrote: "You will love this game, and you will love how your kids learn about their own country!" Read the full review here.
Sam Blanco, BCBA wrote: "This simple, easy-to-learn card game is a great educational tool. It’s highly motivating for learners who like trivia and/or history. State Master is quick to play and provides lots of opportunity to encourage interest in geography and history." Read the full review here.

Also, check out some beautiful pictures of kids playing State Master on Dancing with my Father.


While flash cards are great for committing facts to short-term memory, they don't engage kids for long. Games provide a good alternative, but in most "educational" games, the learning comes slowly as players must wait their turn to get a question and rarely get the same question twice in the same game.

In State Masterall players participate in every turn, so everyone is learning and testing their knowledge constantly. Player who get the wrong answer take a quick moment to study all six facts on the state card and then try to get the same card the next turn, immediately putting their new knowledge to use.

State Master is fun for all ages and its a game in which younger players can often beat older players as they tend to be better at retaining facts.



2 to 6


Finish the game with the most cards.

  1. Shuffle State Cards.
  2. Place 5 State Cards on the table with the flag side up for each player in the game: 10 cards if there are 2 players, 15 cards if there are 3 players, etc.
  3. Place the Blank Map face up on the table.
  4. Place the Filled Map face down on the table.
  5. Each player chooses a colored die.
  1. Each player rolls his/her die to decide who will be Player 1 for Round 1.
  2. Player 1 puts his/her die on top of one of the State Cards.
  3. Moving clockwise, each player puts his/her die on of a different State Card.
  4. Player 1 then rolls the Category Die.
  5. Each player, starting with Player 1 and moving clockwise, must then say the correct answer for his/her chosen state for the category shown. For example, if the die says "CAPITAL," a player with his/her die on New York would say "Albany."
  6. If a player correctly answers the category question, that player tries to locate his/her state on the Blank Map.

Players who answer correctly and are able to locate their states win their cards. All others replace them face down on the table (but not before studying the card a little so they can get the right answer the next round).


Rounds continue until fewer State Cards remain face down than there are players in the game. The player with the most State Cards at end of the game is the winner.

State Master Solitaire

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Interactive State Map

Prepare for your next game of State Master by playing around with our interactive U.S. Map.